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Electric mobility

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Selbstfahrendes E-Bike Uni Magdeburg
Urban micro-mobility

A team of the University of Magdeburg is currently developing an autonomous e-bike that can navigate independently to the user on request. The aim of the scientists is to provide on-call service for autonomous cargo bicycles in of Magdeburg.

11. March 2018 | Nachrichten > Sachsen-Anhalt
Dreirädriges Lastenrad der Firma Velogista
Funding until 28 February 2021

Since March 1, 2018, the Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety funds "heavy-duty bicycles with electric drive support (heavy-duty electric bicycles)", which have a payload of at least 150 kilograms, with up to 2,500 euros. The funding is part of the...

2. March 2018 | Nachrichten > Deutschland
Combine works agreement

From February 2018 Bosch associates have access to bicycles and e-bikes leased by the supplier of technology and services. The new mobility and healthcare offering is available to more than 100,000 associates in Germany. Together with employee representatives, Bosch has developed a correspondent...

9. February 2018 | Nachrichten > Deutschland, Weltweit
Das erste Fahrrad
Nationwide competition "climate protection in cycling"
24 model projects in cycling promotion get funds from Germany's Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Building and Nuclear Safety (BMUB)
27. December 2016 | Nachrichten > Deutschland, Bayern, Berlin, Hessen, Niedersachsen, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Rheinland-Pfalz, Schleswig-Holstein
A cargo bike
Report on the results
Through interviews, workshops and studies on the fundamental questions the Fraunhofer IML research project "The Cargo Bike as a Regional Mobility Offer" analyzed the introduction of a public rental system for cargo bicycles at the municipal and regional level.
13. September 2016 | Nachrichten > Deutschland
Federal Statistical Office
That was 4.2 per cent of all households. In the previous year, the share was 3.4 percent.
30. August 2016 | Nachrichten > Deutschland
Das Bundesministerium für Verkehr und digitale Infrastruktur (BMVI), Dienstsitz Berlin
New pilot projects for implementing the National Cycling Plan

Seven new projects receive funding under the National Cycling Plan with a total funding volume of about 1.5 million euros.

6. July 2016 | Nachrichten > Deutschland
Federal Statistical Office
The imports of e-bikes with a power of up to 250 watt had a value about 279 million euros. Compared to the previous year exports raised by a third.
30. May 2016 | Nachrichten > Deutschland
Ein Lastentransportrad
Study on the use of bicycles in commercial traffic

Researchers of the DLR-institute for transport research in Berlin, Germany were the first who systematically calculated the economic potentials of cargo bikes.

12. May 2016 | Nachrichten > Deutschland
Statistiken auf einem Schreibtisch
Bicycle industry focus

New target groups and e-bikes boost bicycle sales in Germany. In total 4.35 million bicycles were sold in 2015.

6. May 2016 | Nachrichten > Deutschland


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