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Cycle tourism

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The manual is a guide for the implementaion of attractive mountain-bike trails and contains aspects about tourism, environment protection, and administrative competences.
22. February 2014 | Nachrichten > Baden-Württemberg
Radfahrer fahren über eine Brücke
Bridging the Gap
A 1 kilometre long Bicycle Bridge opened on September 2012 points to the growing role European funds can play in creating high-quality bicycle infrastructure.
28. September 2012 | Nachrichten > Austria, European Union, Slovakia
Ergebnis einer Suche im Radroutenplaner Nordrhein-Westfalen

Building a complete and coherent map of a cycle route network is a tremendous challenge. Cycling travel guides and cycle route maps have been produced, and digital media increasingly offer geofunctions. Also the users become involved – they help create maps, evaluate routes, add recommendations...

1. August 2012 | Forschung Radverkehr >
Außerortsradweg bei Arnheim, Niederlande

Providing safe cycle facilities in rural areas dependson the planning of cycle paths along the main roads – even if links already exist that are for recreational purposes and not suitable for everyday trips. It is essential to enable cyclists to cross the road safely given the high motor-vehicle...

1. July 2012 | Forschung Radverkehr >
The country's first Cycle Super Highways – a bike lane that gives cyclists a safe, smooth ride and eliminates as many stops as possible is now open, connecting downtown Copenhagen with the town of Albertslund, 22km outside the city.
9. May 2012 | Nachrichten > Denmark
The cycling tracks network is extended to new residential areas.
Bicycle friendly city
The City of Koprivnica has become the leading city in its region in the area of sustainable transport, launching several new projects in cooperation with regional, national and international partners.
25. October 2009 | Praxisbeispiel > Croatia
European Cyclists' Federation appreciates the request by the European Parlament to the European Commission and the member states to consider the EuroVelo-Network and Iron Curtain Trail as an opportunity for promoting European trans-border cycling infrastructure networks
6. May 2009 | Nachrichten > European Union
The survey is part of a study on cycle tourism for the European Pariament
27. January 2009 | Nachrichten > European Union
London Tower Bridge
Die seit zehn Jahren mit dem Aufbau des Nationalen Radverkehrsnetzes in Großbritannien befasste gemeinnützige Organisation SUSTRANS hat anläßlich der Eröffnung der 10.000ten Meile entscheidenden Partnern die Auszeichnung "10 000 Miles award" verliehen.
8. September 2005 | Nachrichten > UK


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