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German Bicycle Market 2017
In 2017, 720,000 e-bikes were sold in Germany. This is a plus of 19 percent compared to 2016. In total, 2017 3.85 million bicycles and e-bikes were sold. The total turnover of Germany’s bicycle, parts and components industry was around 5.4 billion Euros. The average selling price for bicycles (incl...
13. March 2018 | Nachrichten > Germany
Der Deutsche Fahrradpreis - Best for bike
German Bicycle Award 2018

On 22.02.2018 the winners in the categories "Infrastructure", "Service" and "Communication" were honoured in Essen: “Germany’s first cycling district”, "#Bikeygees e.V. " and "Volksentscheid Fahrrad: Berlin dreht sich! – Deutschlands erstes Radgesetz " (Berlin’s Bicycle Referendum – Germany’s...

23. February 2018 | Nachrichten > Germany
ADAC Monitor "Mobil in der Stadt" 2017
ADAC monitor „Beeing mobile in the city“ 2017
The new ADAC monitor “Beeing mobile in the city” shows, how contented inhabitants, commuters and visitors of the 15 biggest cities in Germany are with their personal mobility. There are not only differences between the cities, but also between the different road users: Car drivers, users of public...
4. December 2017 | Nachrichten > Germany
Der Deutsche Fahrradpreis - Best for bike
Best for bike 2018
Hannes Jaenicke will get the award of the 2018 "Cycling-friendliest person" in Germany on 22. Februar 2018 in Essen. Former award winners, amongst others, were Sebastian Krumbiegel, Peter Lohmeyer, Inge Niedek, Michaela May, Wigald Boning, Wolke Hegenbarth, and Christian Ude.
24. November 2017 | Nachrichten > Germany
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Record-breaking in the 200th anniversary year of the bicycle
On 14.11.2017 Germany's municipal counties and municipalities who cycled the most during the 21 successive days of the competition. More than 222.000 people took part and cycled 9 km per day on average.
15. November 2017 | Nachrichten > Germany, Baden-Württemberg
The Oberbaumbrücke in Berlin. In the background the TV tower
German Insurers Accident Research (UDV) monitored Berlin’s bike squadrons
From the UDV’s point of view Berlin’s bike squadrons in Berlin-Mitte is an important and necessary measure to improve road safety.
9. November 2017 | Nachrichten > Berlin
Logo der Kampagne "FahrRad! Für's Klima auf Tour"
FahrRad! Cycling for the climate
This year’s eleventh youth campaign by the German Sustainable Transport Association (VCD) motivated 7100 young people between 10 – 18 years old to ride their bikes. 1.313.000 kilometres had been cycled.
12. October 2017 | Nachrichten > Germany
Logo der "International Cycling Conference 2017"
International Cycling Conference 2017 in Mannheim
From 19. to 21. September 2017 the „International Cycling Conference 2017“, organized by the German Federal Environment Agency (UBA), was held in Mannheim under the motto "Bridging the gap between research and practice". More than 300 persons, scientists, planners, engineers as well as...
23. September 2017 | Nachrichten > Baden-Württemberg
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Popularity of cycling increased
On behalf of the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure a representative survey inquired the modes of transport and bicycle use by 3000 Germans.
18. September 2017 | Nachrichten > Germany
Representative survey in Germany
In the run-up to the “International PARK(ing) Day” the Allgemeine Deutsche Fahrrad-Club, ADFC (General German Bicycle AssociationCyclists' Federation), launched a representative survey. It shows that half of German citizens want more space for encounters, for walking and cycling, and 50 percent...
11. September 2017 | Nachrichten > Germany


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