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Combined Life and Science Building; Lightrail; MAX station; Mayer Reed; Orange Line; Tilikum Crossing Bridge of the People; ZGF; south waterfront
Opening in Frankfurt a. M.

Exhibition at the Deutsches Architekturmuseum, April 21 - September 2, 2018

22. April 2018 | News > Hesse
Titel der UDV-Studie "Aufhebung der Benutzungspflicht von Radwegen"
German Insurers Accident Research (UDV)
The general obligation of cycle path usage alone shows no effects on cycling behaviour and the safety of cycling lanes. Since there ‘s no relevant shifting oft the usage, no relevant new conflicts or accidents emerge. Nevertheless, problems which existed before the obligation still exist after the obligation’s suspension.
21. April 2018 | News > Germany
Radweg Deutsche Einheit - Radstätte in Bernburg
"German Unity Cycle Route" (Radweg Deutsche Einheit)

Bernburg an der Saale (Saxony-Anhalt) realized the first service and information area along the new German Unity Cycle Route (Radweg Deutsche Einheit).

17. April 2018 | News > Germany
Vienna - Finalist EUROPEAN MOBILITY WEEK Award 2017
European Mobility Week Award

The European Mobility Week Award is awarded for special achievements in promoting environmentally friendly mobility. Vienna impressed, among other activities, with its Streetlife Festival, its promotion of cargo bikes with the initiative “Grätzlrad” and its new infrastructure at the “Getreidemarkt”.

27. March 2018 | News > European Union, Austria
Logo des Zweirad-Industrie-Verbands
German Bicycle Market 2017
In 2017, 720,000 e-bikes were sold in Germany. This is a plus of 19 percent compared to 2016. In total, 2017 3.85 million bicycles and e-bikes were sold. The total turnover of Germany’s bicycle, parts and components industry was around 5.4 billion Euros. The average selling price for bicycles (incl. e-bikes) rosed at 698 euros.
13. March 2018 | News > Germany
Selbstfahrendes E-Bike Uni Magdeburg
Urban micro-mobility

A team of the University of Magdeburg is currently developing an autonomous e-bike that can navigate independently to the user on request. The aim of the scientists is to provide on-call service for autonomous cargo bicycles in of Magdeburg.

11. March 2018 | News > Saxony-Anhalt
Die ADFC-Travelbike-Radreiseanalyse 2018
ADFC Bicycle Travel Analysis 2018
76% of Germans cycle , of these, 51% use their bike for cycling trips and tours. Especially the number of day trips increased in 2017 (11% increase): more than one in two people cycle into the countryside, which corresponds to around 167 million day trips during leisure time. Germans also like to get on their bikes during their holidays, with 99 million trips on holiday they use their bikes.
8. March 2018 | News > Germany
Dreirädriges Lastenrad der Firma Velogista
Funding until 28 February 2021

Since March 1, 2018, the Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety funds "heavy-duty bicycles with electric drive support (heavy-duty electric bicycles)", which have a payload of at least 150 kilograms, with up to 2,500 euros. The funding is part of the National Climate Protection Directive.

2. March 2018 | News > Germany
Der Deutsche Fahrradpreis - Best for bike
German Bicycle Award 2018

On 22.02.2018 the winners in the categories "Infrastructure", "Service" and "Communication" were honoured in Essen: “Germany’s first cycling district”, "#Bikeygees e.V. " and "Volksentscheid Fahrrad: Berlin dreht sich! – Deutschlands erstes Radgesetz " (Berlin’s Bicycle Referendum – Germany’s first bicycle act). Winner of the film and photo competition are Christoph Grothe und Anton...

23. February 2018 | News > Germany
Grafik "NRVP-Projekt Welche Kosten verursachen verschiedene Verkehrsmittel wirklich?"
NCP-Project “Costs of urban transport”
The NCP project gives answers to the question "What are the real costs of different modes of transport?”
18. February 2018 | News > Germany