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Jacques Barrot
EU-Transportkommissar hielt Rede zur Unterstützung des Radverkehrs auf der Velo-City-Konferenz in Dublin am 3. Juni 2005
3. June 2005 | News > European Union
A new national body to plan and co-ordinate the development of cycling across the country and a new National Standard for Cycle Training was announced today by the Minister for Local Transport, Charlotte Atkins.
23. March 2005 | News > UK
International Bicycle Planning Conference Cape Town International Convention Centre 5 - 10 March 2006
10. March 2005 | News > Worldwide
Monsieur Jacques Barrot, the recently appointed EU Commissioner for Transport has now agreed to give the keynote speech at Velo-city, the biggest cycling transport conference.
7. March 2005 | News > European Union
Bicycle action plan - The Mobility Management Centre Rijnmond (VCCR) approaches employers in the region to encourage the use of environmentally friendly transport alternatives for commuting.
6. March 2005 | News > Netherlands
DHAKA, Bangladesh, March 2 – World Carfree Network and its member organization Work for a Better Bangladesh declared an important victory today in their campaign to save the cycle rickshaws in this capital city of ten million people.
4. March 2005 | News > Bangladesh
The biggest cycling transport conference in Europe takes place in Dublin this year from May 31st to June 3rd 2005.
22. February 2005 | News > European Union
Fahrräder auf der Straße
Während die Radfahrerzahlen in London sprunghaft zunehmen, wird Transport for London die Investitionen in den Radverkehr im Jahr 2005/6 um 40% steigern, um Sicherheit und Komfort zu verbessern.
17. January 2005 | News > UK
Broschüre in englischer und französischer Sprache erschienenen: "Implementing Sustainable Urban Travel Policies: Moving Ahead. National Policies to Promote Cycling". Full text download of the study
7. December 2004 | News > European Union
Ein Radfahrer
Transport for London's Cycling Centre for Excellence today welcomed the Government's White Paper on Public Health, which will help further promote cycling in the capital as a means of tackling the increasing obesity levels in both children and adults. The paper supports TfL's calls for new National Standards for cycle training, and could provide an improved cycling environment so as to help...
16. November 2004 | News > UK