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Bicycle parking
Great Britain
London Cycling Campaign (LCC) successes against a law that, had it been passed, would have allowed council contractors to remove without notice bicycles chained to railings even if they were not an obstruction or abandoned.
17. March 2009 | News > UK
Radfahrer und Autos auf der Straße
National programme for sustainable travel (2009 - 2020) with 49 measures shall reduce car's share of total commuting trips drop from the current 65% to 45%.
13. March 2009 | News > Ireland
Cycling in Europe
The Velo-city conference will take place from 12.-15. May in Brussels
5. March 2009 | News > Belgium
Radfahrer und Fußgänger
Runners-up were Almada in Portugal and Zagreb, the Croatian capital
25. February 2009 | News > Hungary, European Union
Ein Fahrrad auf der Straße
The European Commission's new award scheme encourages cities to improve the quality of urban life by taking the environment systematically into account in urban planning
24. February 2009 | News > European Union
High rise in bike sales and commuters on bikes
18. February 2009 | News > Australia
The survey is part of a study on cycle tourism for the European Pariament
27. January 2009 | News > European Union
The Netherlands
Employees who cycle regularly to work are less frequently ill, with on average more than one day per year less absenteeism than colleagues who do not cycle to work.
26. January 2009 | News > Netherlands
The price was awarded the fifth's time and for the first time an US-City was the winner. The other runners-up were Peking, Istanbul, Mexico City, and Milan.
24. January 2009 | News > Italy, Mexico, USA, China, Turkey
Radfahrer auf der Straße
MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) project aims at transforming bicycle use in Copenhagen, promoting urban sustainability and building new connections between the city's cyclists.
19. January 2009 | News > Denmark