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Iniciated by the ECF 27 cities call upon the European institiuions to contribute the triplication of bicycling modal share in Europ from 5% to at least 15% in 2020
15. May 2009 | News > European Union
Danmark gets a new and exceptional embassy. The "Cycling Embassy of Denmark" pools information from private enterprises, public authorities and from non-profit-organisations.
12. May 2009 | News > Denmark
Summary: What is the European Commission doing to foster the mobility of its staff? What developments have there been in the policy in the last few years?
12. May 2009 | News > European Union
Manfred Neun, the President of the European Cyclists' Federation (ECF) and European Commission Vice-president Antonio Tajani opened the 15. Velocity Conference
12. May 2009 | News > European Union, Worldwide, Belgium
Great Britain
The data show that the places with the highest cycle use – York, Cambridgeshire and Hull – are also the safest places to cycle.
7. May 2009 | News > UK
European Cyclists' Federation appreciates the request by the European Parlament to the European Commission and the member states to consider the EuroVelo-Network and Iron Curtain Trail as an opportunity for promoting European trans-border cycling infrastructure networks
6. May 2009 | News > European Union
Detail: Laufräder von abgestellten Fahrrädern
Great Britain
London Cycle Hire scheme launches in May 2010 and is expected to generate an additional 40,000 cycle journeys every day in central London. Transport for London (TfL) began submitting planning applications situated approximately every 300 metres.
28. April 2009 | News > UK
Radfahrer auf der Straße
Irish minister of transport Noel Dempsey launches Ireland's First National Cycle Policy Framework with 109 measures for promote cycling. By 2020 160,000 people shall use their bike on their way to work.
20. April 2009 | News > Ireland
SpiCycles programme publishes a report on public bikes an european experiences in cycling
9. April 2009 | News > European Union
Public bike sharing station (Bicing) in Hospital del Mar, Barceloneta District (Barcelona, Catalonia).
15 percent of Barcelona's inhabitants use the bike share scheme after its second year of implementation. 35,000 up to 58,000 Bicing-Cycle a day
24. March 2009 | News > Spain