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Radfahrer und Autos auf der Straße
The Lancet
Promotion of walking and cycling help to safe the life of 6,800 inhabitants in London - particularly through reduction of cardiovascular diseases
10. December 2009 | News > Worldwide
The number of people choosing to cycle to and from work jumped 26 percent from last year, says a City transportation study released Monday.
16. November 2009 | News > USA
Bicycle racks at a tram stop
Kasai railway station in Tokyo provides parking lots for 6480 bicycles. Some smaller high-technology parking facilities, providing parking lots for some 1000 bicycles, all over Japan
9. November 2009 | News > Japan
Fahrräder auf der Straße
The Trento by Bike game is part of an awareness raising project aimed to encourage students to bicycle to school in Trento. The Trento Mobility Service collaborates on the game with a consultant as part of a private car and traffic reduction scheme. Delivered 2008, ongoing in 2009.
14. October 2009 | News > Italy
Information on London?s cycle superhighways
Transport for London gives information about the new Cycle Superhighways, which aim to help quadrupling of London's cycle use.
10. October 2009 | News > UK
The money is donated for the engagement of ETRA within the Prestro-Project and shall promote cycling at EU-level
6. October 2009 | News > European Union
Transport Secretary Andrew Adonis today launched a major £14m package to transform facilities for cyclists at rail stations and encourage healthier, greener travel.
28. September 2009 | News > UK
Ein Radfahrer
PRESTO – "Promoting Cycling for Everyone as a Daily Transport Mode" is a project of the EU's Intelligent Energy Europe (IEE) Programme. It aims to offer a set of tools for technicians to create cycle friendly urban environments, to implement sound cycling plans and to start up targeted promotion campaigns. Besides the local activities in the five PRESTO cities are meant for the people, to...
25. July 2009 | News > European Union
United Kingdom
Value for money National Cycle Network is cutting car traffic and getting more people active
18. June 2009 | News > UK
Customer survey by the municipality of Paris shows almost complete satisfaction. 46 percent of Vélib users drive more seldom with their cars.
25. May 2009 | News > France