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Second cycle highway in Lower Saxony

First section of the Osnabrück-Belm cycle highway opened

Stadtbaurat Frank Otte gab am 23. Mai 2019 den ersten Abschnitt des Radschnellweges Osnabrück – Belm für die Radfahrer frei
Stadtbaurat Frank Otte gab am 23. Mai 2019 den ersten Abschnitt des Radschnellweges Osnabrück – Belm für die Radfahrer frei © Stadt Osnabrück, Simon Vonstein

The cycle route got its own independent marking. However, it is still unclear whether this signage will remain in place for the long term. The now completed section in the Gartlage district has a length of 1,200 metres. The cycle highway is a joint project of the city of Osnabrück, the district of Osnabrück and the municipality of Belm. With a total length of 6.5 kilometres, it will connect Osnabrück and Belm. The construction in the Gartlage section will be supported by the funding call "climate action and cycling" of the National Climate Initiative (Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety). Further sections will receive funding from the state of Lower Saxony. The first section in Baumallee on Schlachthofstraße, completed in 2017/18, costs around 400,000 euros; the sections now inaugurated, Liebigstraße to Baumallee and along Halle Gartlage, costs around 1,425,000 euros.

Osnabrück is one of the pioneers in Lower Saxony with the construction of the Osnabrück - Belm cycle highway. After Göttingen, this is the second completed cycle cycle highway. The Osnabrück - Belm cycle highway is separate from car and pedestrian traffic. As a rule, it is four metres wide, but at narrow points such as trees it is still at least three metres. Driving side by side, overtaking or encountering traffic is thus possible without any problems. The asphalt pavement, which is easy to drive on, ensures easy progress.

Safety is ensured by the lighting running along with the vehicle. The light is dimmed down at night and raised as required by motion detectors. Red markings have been placed on the car entrances via the cycle lane. In order to draw the attention of cyclists to critical points, the cycle path is marked with "vibration strips". In addition, construction barriers were erected between the cycle path and the street in Schlachthofstraße to prevent cars from entering and stopping on the cycle path. And for all those who want to know how many cyclists have used the cycle highway so far, there is a bicycle counter at the junction Liebigstraße/Schlachthofstraße.

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