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Cycling becomes a university subject

BMVI promotes cycling professorships

Flyer Stiftungsprofessuren Radverkehr
Flyer Stiftungsprofessuren Radverkehr © BMVI / Foto: Tom Bayer / walker333 / vegefox –

Germany is a bicycle nation: more than 80 percent of Germans already use bicycles - on their way to work, school or training, for leisure or holidays. In order to give a further boost to this trend, the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure (BMVI) is funding cycling professorships for the first time. In concrete terms, the aim is to give even greater consideration to the interests of cyclists in the future - from infrastructure planning to bicycle-friendly legislation.

Funding is provided for professorships on cycling topics in the fields of economics, transport planning, political science, psychology, law, technology and digitization. Universities under public and private law are eligible to apply. The professorships are to start in the summer semester 2020. They will receive funding for up to five years - with an annual maximum of up to 400,000 euros per professorship.

The BMVI is launching the funding programme "Endowed Professorships Cycle Transport" within the framework of the 2020 National Cycle Plan (NCP), which identifies concrete measures to strengthen cycle transport at federal, state and local level in line with their respective responsibilities: from road safety to infrastructure, electromobility and bicycle tourism to links with other means of transport. The professorships funded are intended to use synergies to effectively implement the National Cycling Plan. The goal is interdisciplinary networking.

Gefördert werden Professuren zu Radverkehrsthemen aus den Fachrichtungen Ökonomie, Verkehrsplanung, Politikwissenschaft, Psychologie, Rechtswissenschaften sowie Technik und Digitalisierung. Antragsberechtigt sind Hochschulen in öffentlich-rechtlicher und privatrechtlicher Trägerschaft. Die Professuren sollen zum Sommersemester 2020 starten. Sie werden bis zu fünf Jahr lang gefördert - mit einem jährlichen Höchstbetrag bis zu 400.000 Euro je Professur.

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