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Immediate action programme for clean air 2017-2020

Money for cycling measures in five model cities

Fahrbahnmarkierung in einer Fahrradstraße
© Alexander Hunger

Another 130 million euros for clean air and modern local public transport - Federal Government supports innovative transport projects in model cities

The federal government is financing transport projects in the five model cities for air pollution control with around 130 million euros until 2020. The funds are available in addition to the "Immediate action programme for clean air 2017-2020". The model cities of Bonn, Essen, Herrenberg (Baden-Württemberg), Mannheim and Reutlingen (Baden-Württemberg) are thus implementing model projects to improve local public transport and reduce nitrogen dioxide pollution. These include, for example, the expansion of public transport services, ticket discounts, improved traffic management and new cycle paths.

The five model cities are assisted by BMU and BMVI pilots with technical expertise to ensure rapid implementation of the transport measures. On average, the federal government bears 95 percent of the total costs of the projects.

The model projects are scientifically monitored and evaluated with regard to NO2 reduction potential. In the case of particularly effective measures, it is examined whether they can be transferred to other cities. A first interim assessment of the effectiveness of the model projects is planned for summer 2019.