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Urban micro-mobility

University of Magdeburg is testing autonomous cargo bike

Selbstfahrendes E-Bike Uni Magdeburg
Selbstfahrendes E-Bike Uni Magdeburg © Foto: Harald Krieg/Universität Magdeburg

A team of mechanical engineers, computer scientists, logistics specialists and environmental psychologists from the Otto-von-Guericke University of Magdeburg is working together to develop an autonomous e-bike that can navigate independently to the user on request. The aim of the scientists is to provide on-call service for autonomous cargo bicycles in Magdeburg. In a few years' time, a fleet of e-bikes shall complement public and individual local transport in an ecologically and economically effective manner and will be used in a bike sharing system with a bicycle call function in the vicinity of the university campus.

Test series in Magdeburg city centre

A prototype of the e-bike will be tested in Magdeburg over the next few weeks. Equipped with highly developed measuring technology, the cargo bike "detects" kerbs or other road users and can analyse which sensors are best suited for different weather conditions. At the same time, environmental psychologists want to conduct surveys with potential users of this unusual vehicle.

The project is funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research ( and is part of the research project Network of Cooperative Systems NekoS.

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11. März 2018
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