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Electric cargo-bikes now also in Basel

Ein Lastenfahrrad
© Doris Reichel

After the successful start of carvelo2go in Bern in 2015 the first public sharing for electric cargo-bikes expands to Basel. Since march 21st 2016 the ecologically friendly cargo-bikes are online bookable at and can be picked up at different locations in the city.

The host principle

Aim of carvelo2go is to be available in all areas of the town - ideally, the next bike should be accessible around the next corner. Small firms like pharmacies, bakeries, restaurants or bars take on the role of a so-called host. By a small amount of cash payment the customer may pick up his booked cargo-bike, and bring it back later. Task of the host is the management of the key and the battery as well as the receipt of the rental fee. In return the hosts can use the bike for their own purposes for free during certain intervals.

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30. März 2016
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