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The 10th municipal network for bicycle-friendly cities, townships and districts in Germany is in preparation

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Municipal networks for bicycle-friendly cities, townships and districts already exist in 9 of Germany's 13 federal states with a wide-area territory. These networks focus on municipal practice with further education, consulting services and information for their members, networking, contact maintenance with other institutions, an annual municipal bicycle conference, and joint public relations work.

Bicycle friendly municipalities join the network by paying membership fees, and have to declare their will to implement bicycle friendly measures and to be an active part of the network. They were regularly audited and certified by a commission (the certification has a limited duration).

Information onr "RAD.SH - Kommunale Arbeitsgemeinschaft zur Radverkehrsförderung in Schleswig-Holstein" in German: www.RAD.SH.

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27. Januar 2016
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