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The call for applications is open until 16 December 2019 – 24:00 (CET)

"EU Urban Road Safety Award" - Deutsche Kommunen können sich bewerben

16. September 2019 - 16. Dezember 2019
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The European Commission is launching a new award to highlight the contribution made by local/municipal authorities towards improving the safety of European roads. The award acknowledges the crucial role that towns and cities across Europe play in this respect, bearing in mind that 38% of road fatalities and more than 50% of serious road injuries happen on urban roads. The aim of the award is to reward outstanding and innovative achievements by local authorities in the area of road safety and to encourage the exchange of good practice across Europe.

The Urban Road Safety Award is presented alongside the EUROPEANMOBILITYWEEK Awards and the Sustainable Urban Mobility Planning (SUMP) Award. Each award scheme has separate, but complementary objectives. The EUROPEANMOBILITYWEEK Awards are given to towns and cities for their outstanding promotion of sustainable urban mobility during EUROPEANMOBILITYWEEK (16-22 September), whereas the SUMP Award recognises local andregional authorities for excellence in urban mobility planning.

The award concept for the Urban Road Safety Award is in line with the Good practice guidelines and the Guidelines for a road safety commitment of the European Road Safety Charter, but is directed exclusively at public authorities at the local level.

Urban Road Safety Award theme

In contrast to the SUMP Award, the Urban Road Safety Award does not reward plans, but specific measures that have been adopted at the local level to improve road safety. These measures may concern one or several aspects of road safety, for example improved infrastructure, speed reduction measures, initiatives to improve the safety of a public authority’s vehicle fleet, or steps to improve people’s safety skills or awareness. This year, the 8th SUMP Award and the EUROPEANMOBILITYWEEK campaign share the theme "Safe Walking and Cycling". Given that 70% of those killed on urban roads are pedestrians, cyclists as well as riders of motorbikes and mopeds ("vulnerable road users"), this theme also merits special attention for the Urban Road Safety Award. Measures might include links to Project EDWARD, the European Day Without A Road Death, organised once a year in or around EUROPEANMOBILITYWEEK by the European Traffic Police (TISPOL) with the support of the European Commission.

In any case, nominations should be part of a holistic approach in the spirit of the internationally recognised concept of the "Safe System". In order to qualify for the award, measures must have already been implemented (not at the planning stage), be innovative and aim at longer-term safety improvements (not one-off actions).


The competition is open to local authorities from the European Union, European Economic Area (Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein), EU candidate countries (Albania, North Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia, Turkey) and the potential EU candidate countries that are part of the Stabilisation & Association Process (Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo1). Applicants can be local public authorities that have legal competence in developing and implementing road safety measures on their territory. The contact person for each application must be a representative of a public authority. Consultancies and transport operators are not eligible. In case of doubt, applicants will be contacted to provide proof of their legal status as a local or regional public authority.

Die komplette Ausschreibung finden Sie hier: Urban_Road_Safety_Award/Call_for_applications_1st_Safe_City_Award (pdf)

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16. September 2019
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