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Nationale Politik-Strategien zur Förderung des Radverkehrs / ECMT: National Policies to Promote Cycling

Cycling is an essential part of intermodal urban travel. While trends in car use continue to grow, cycling is increasingly recognised for its contribution as a clean and sustainable mode of transportation.

This report brings together the experience of 21 countries and 7 municipalities in developing and implementing policies and measures to promote cycling as a means of travel.

Based on the findings of the study, a Declaration on National Cycling Policies for Sustainable Urban Travel was agreed by ECMT Ministers at their 2004 Ljubljana Council. With this Declaration, Ministers recognized for the first time the importance of a national policy and institutional framework for promoting cycling.


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7. Dezember 2004

ECMT (Europäische Verkehrsminister-Konferenz) // Difu (A.H.)

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