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Life-Cycle-Projekt veröffentlicht Best-Practice-Collection zu aktiver Fortbewegung

Fahrräder und Fußgänger auf der Straße
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Über 100 Praxisbeispiele aus aller Welt, rund um die aktive Fortbewegung, stehen nun in Form eines Handbuches zum freien Download auf der Life-Cycle-Projektseite zur Verfügung.

Das Handbuch soll als Denkanstoß für europäische Verkehrsplaner und andere Entscheidungsträger fungieren, die nach Lösungen suchen, die persönlichen, sozialen und ökonomischen Kosten, die aus der Bewegungsarmut großer Bevölkerungskreise resultieren, zu verringern.

Für Menschen, die selbst ein Projekt starten oder voranbringen wollen, steht ein "Intervention Manual" mit zahlreichen Tipps zum Download zur Verfügung



Life Cycle’s Active Transportation Best Practice Collection

LIFE CYCLE is proud to present a collection of over 100 active transportation best practices from around the world. The preliminary version provides food for thought for European traffic planners and others who seek solutions to reduce the personal, social and economic costs of low physical activity in their communities. There is a growing body of knowledge and experiences about how to start and run active transport projects. Hundreds of cases from across the globe were reviewed to produce this brand new collection of best practice cases covering cycling and walking from infancy through retirement. Chapters cover actions for families, schools, adults and retirees. Each one of the cases is briefly described, and links bring the reader to full descriptions, as well as further documentation and contact data. The information was collected in 2008-09, mostly about still on-going projects. While concentrating on Europe, cases come from the US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Over 50 percent originate in non-Anglo-Saxon countries. The Best Practice collection is available for free download

If you’d like to know how to get an active transport project started or how to expand an on-going action, then the free Life Cycle Intervention Manual, is a great resource. Users will find chapters on planning, implementation and evaluation. The information comes from over 50 successful projects primarily promoting pedal-power for all ages. It is full of tips, recommendations and lessons learned which have been reported by the people running the projects. How did Velo-Quebec go from starting a pilot to having their bike to school project in all parts of the province in just five years? Why did the Flemish Cycle Union start a Bike to Work project in 2009 that runs year round, instead of just one month like many others? You can read the inside stories in this free download. The Intervention Manual was produced by Life Cycle , an EU co-funded project, which has as one of its main goals the dissemination of high-quality up to date information and resources. The stories and information come from around the world and are up to date.


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March 2010, Newsletter No.3,

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