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Odense (Dänemark)

Interaktiver Fahrsimulator für die Radfahrausbildung an Schulen

The development of an interactive cycle simulator for children was started to supplement other training activities. The simulator is based on short video sequences on a web site, which allows children to train difficult situations in the traffic without getting hurt. The system doesn’t focus on traffic rules, but on the unpredictable and dangerous traffic situations that cyclists get into. Statistics from the system give clear feedbacks on their abilities and give important information to the teachers and the parents. The system is going to be transferred into other national versions in Italian, Swedish and Flemish. The project is co-funded by the European Commission in the frame of Civitas projects.

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20. März 2006

Troels Andersen, Fahrradbeauftragter der Stadt Odense, Vortrag auf der internationalen Radverkehrskonferenz Velo Mondial im März 2006. // Difu (A.H.)

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