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Cycling England and a New National Standard for Cycle Training

The new national body, Cycling England, will have a budget of at least £5m a year for the next three years to allocate to cycling programmes. Cycling England will change the way that the Government manages and delivers cycling policy to get better value from cycling investment.

Investment in cycling has greatly increased in recent years. In 2005/06, local authorities (outside London) expect to spend £46m on cycling facilities - up by 50% from 2000/01, while Transport for London is projecting a record spend of £17m on cycling in London in 2005/06.

Cycling England will work to build on the success stories of towns such as Bristol, Hull, London and York to ensure that this greater investment in cycling leads to increases in cycling across the country.

Cycling England has been established as part of Department for Transport's review of its Cycling Strategy which was published on Thursday 10 March 2005. A full version of the review is available at

Cycling England is made up of experts in transport policy, engineering, public health, the cycle industry, local government, cycle sport, cycle training and education.

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23. März 2005

Department for Transport, Großbritannien, News Release 2005/0024

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