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Construction sign of the citizens' initiative "Ibbenbürener Straße"
Cycle path construction
The program subsidises cycle path construction by citizens' initiatives with a lump-sum of 15,000 Euro per kilometer
19. February 2015 | Praxisbeispiele > North Rhine-Westphalia
Bikes at a station
Mainz' bike sharing system MVGmyBIKE provides local mobility services, including busses, trains, tramways and bicycles. Its focus lays on the combination of rental bikes and the public transport system. The system is operated by the local transportation company.
1. November 2014 | Praxisbeispiele >
Logo and Claim "Munich Cycle Capital"
Munich Cycle Capital
Cycling in Munich stands for future oriented mobility and at the same time for a long local tradition. To strengthen that positive image of the bicycle and to raise awareness for it – that is the campaign`s mission.
18. December 2013 | Praxisbeispiele > Bavaria

Key Topics

Zweirädrige Bullits von DHL und Fahrer Berlin
The (re)discovery of cargo bicycles

Cargo bicycles have great potential to replace motorized transport, in particular in urban areas. There are many potential uses of such bicycles both in the private as well as in the commercial sector.

13.01.2017 | Schwerpunktthema
Fahrradwerkstätten als Kommunikationsplattform für Flüchtlinge
Pedalling towards integration

Mobility is a prerequisite for social inclusion. The bicycle provides refugees with low-cost mobility, extends their range of action and also offers an opportunity for social exchange in numerous cycling projects.

02.06.2016 | Schwerpunktthema
OpenCycleMap section of Hamburg
The right tracks to reach your destination

Cycle maps give a good impression of the cycling infrastructure of a municipality or region. Individual routes can be planned using cycle route planners with increasingly optimized functions.

15.04.2016 | Schwerpunktthema